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SQLCLR Util v1.1

SQLCLR Util v1.1 Exports SQLCLR assembly to DLL and Generates CREATE ASSEMBLY script from DLL

Purpose  This utility exports SQL CLR assembly to a DLL file and generates CREATE script from DLL file. *New*

Target Database  SQL 2005, SQL 2008, SQL 2012, SQL 2014+

SQLCLR Utility Features

  • This small utility easily generates DLL file from SQL CLR assembly in the SQL Server.
    When creating SQL CLR assembly with its DLL file, SQL Server saves the DLL binary into SQL Server system table. This tool help you to recreate DLL file easily from the SQL Server system table.
  • This utility generates CREATE ASSEMBLY script from a DLL file.
    Once CREATE script is generated, one can run the script without physical .DLL file. This method will be useful when one has no permission to access physical disk on the server because there is no need to copy the file to server.