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SQL Table Scripter v1.0

SQL Table Scripter v1.0 Generate a SQL script for a table and data

Purpose  This tool generates a SQL script file for a table and/or its data. This tool is especially useful when you want to create a SQL table script against Web Hosting SQL Server or slow remote SQL Server (Generate Script Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio or Database Publish Wizard in Visual Studio tends to be very slow for those servers). This handy tool can quickly generate a SQL script for a targeted table.

Target Database  SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2005

Table Scripting Features

  • Generates a CREATE SQL script for a table.
  • Script can include all DRI (declarative referential integrity) such as Foreign Key, Constraints for the table.
  • Script can include Indexes for the table.
  • Generates INSERT SQL scripts for table data (optionally)