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SQL Encrypt v2.1

SQL Encrypt v2.1 Encrypt or decrypt SQL data (cell-level encryption)

Purpose  Encrypt or decrypt string data easily (cell-level encryption) by using SQL Server extended stored procedure.

Target Database  SQL Server 7.0, SQL 2000, SQL 2005, SQL 2008/R2

Supported Encryption Algorithms

  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm - 1)
  • MD5 (Message Digest 5)

Supported features

  • Encrypt or Decrypt string data with AES
  • Hash encrypt string data with SHA1
  • Hash encrypt string data with MD5
  • Flexible key specification in xp_AES_Encrypt, xp_AES_Decrypt
  • Conversion utility from string to hex string

Extended Stored Procedures

  • xp_AES_Encrypt
  • xp_AES_Decrypt
  • xp_SHA1_Encrypt
  • xp_MD5_Encrypt
  • xp_hexstr