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SQL CLR Assembly for HTTP (.NET 4.0) v1.0

SQL CLR Assembly for HTTP (.NET 4.0) v1.0 SQL Server CLR Assembly for HTTP GET / POST (.NET 4.0)

Product Version   ClrHttp 1.0 (.NET 4.0)  *New*

Purpose  This SQL CLR assembly sends Http Get or Http Post request to Website or Web API and gets results

Target Database  Microsoft SQL 2012 or above.

* For SQL 2005 ~ SQL 2008, use .NET 2.0 ClrHttp CLR assembly

Main Features

- ClrHttp is used for invoking HTTP request to Web server from TSQL. It supports both HTTP GET and HTTP POST request. Result can be html, json, xml, or any other text data, as result are returned as string.
- ClrHttp supports any number of HTTP headers.
- ClrHttp supports any format of POST body such as json, xml, etc.