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Convert SQL to Excel v1.7

Convert SQL to Excel v1.7 Convert SQL Table or Query Results to Excel file

Product Version   Convert SQL to Excel v1.7  *New*

Purpose  This tool converts/exports SQL Table or TSQL query resultset to Excel file.

Target Database  Microsoft SQL 2014 or later, SQL 2012, SQL 2008/R2, SQL 2005, SQL 2000

Main Features
- Easy way to convert SQL table or a subset of table to Excel. No programming.
- Convert / export a SQL Table to Excel file (.xlsx or .xls format)
- Convert multiple tables (multiple query results) to multiple Excel worksheets.
- Allow flexible TSQL query which can have multiple SELECT statements or other complex query statements.
- Supports command line execution (unattended mode). Useful for periodical scheduling.
- Allow user defined Excel worksheet names.